Walking out of it.

Haven’t accepted the fact that my parents we getting a divorce, I still did not figure out where I was. How was I to use the handbook they gave to me?

They didn’t worry much about the effect their divorce had on me. Sadness, loneliness and social difficulties got my best. I also continued to grapple with the feelings of abandonment. While both parents we walking out of each other’s life, where was I walking to?

In a long-run, the fear of a broken marriage and depression took over. I began to work towards making things work on my side. Building love within was how I walked out of it. I can’t tell how my parents walked off their love.

Why can’t I do better? I told myself I will do better. How was I to do better in a broken home?

It’s not your fault!!

When parents get divorce, they are giving some kind of handouts. When my parents told me they were getting divorce, they told me three things:

1. it’s not your fault

2. It’s not your fault and

3. It’s not your fault

The problem is i don’t mind and no kid does. I have seen the pictures when you both got married. You were good looking and you smiled at each other. What happened between then and now? Me? I came along and made you look tired, gain extra weight and I made you lose interest for each other and along the way you stopped looking each other.

So I have my own idea for a handout. Next time, tell me:

1. Happiness is hard

2. Don’t make the same mistakes

3. Okay, it’s maybe your fault.

You want me to be honest?